Client: Lego

Agency: Brother

Year: 2019 


How would life be today if LEGO hadn’t been there for the masterminds that helped to shape it?

That’s the starting point of this graphic LEGO campaign, one that aimed to inspire grown-ups to get creative with our blocks.

Because maybe, and only maybe, their heroes also started imagining a new world with us.




Richard Meier (1934)

Clear lines, harmony, and light are the key elements of Meier's work, alongside the color white. His production has given us unique museums such as the MACBA and the renowned Getty Center.


Zaha Hadid (1950-2016)

One of the most prominent contemporary architects, always seeking to break through structural limits and challenge the prevailing masculine vision, she created monumental spaces such as The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati.


Santiago Calatrava (1951)

The Spanish architect specialized in gigantic structures such as Samuel Beckett's bridge and the Stadelhofen train station. These spaces, beyond being stages for new beginnings or emotional goodbyes, became "something else, somewhere else" thanks to his vision.